The project of the Russian Business Center – “Happy Childhood”

Russian Business Center is always happy to support any program for children and their development. Within the framework of the “Happy Childhood” project, the Russian Business Center took over the Cameroonian provincial kindergarten in the Puma province (POUMA). During the visit of the kindergarten, the employees of the Russian Business Center discussed with the leaders and educators of the kindergarten the problems, the needs of the institution and the prospects for cooperation. After the official part in a solemn atmosphere, the Russian Business Center presented gifts to the kids. The result of the visit was a sea of ​​childlike emotions and smiles, as well as all participants of the project! to be continued

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Representative of the Embassy of Cameroon visited Tambov State University

In June 2013, Tambov State University was visited by the first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Moscow, Mr. Ojono Ojono Jean Stanislas. During his visit, Mr. Stanislas met with the first pro-rector-pro-rector for educational policy, Professor Vladimir Mamontov, and vice-rector for international relations and work with foreign students, Professor Tatyana Osadchy. The meeting discussed the issues of teaching citizens of Cameroon in the Tambov State University, the cooperation of TSU named after GR. Derzhavin with universities of the Republic of Cameroon, the interaction between our University and the Embassy of Cameroon in the implementation of programs in the fields of education, science and culture. During the discussion, it was decided to establish contacts with higher educational institutions in Cameroon and conclude a cooperation agreement with them.
Mr. Stanislas visited one of the hostels, where foreign students live, talked with young people from Cameroon. A guest visited the museum of TSU, where he got acquainted with the history of Tambov State University, numerous collections and a new exhibition “The Magic World of Beresta”. His special interest was caused by the “Peasant Family – Peasant Peace” hall, which introduced the traditional way of life of the Tambov peasantry. Mr. Stanislas noted some similar elements of the traditional way of life in Russia and Cameroon and in the guest book left the following comment: “It was a real pleasure to visit this museum full of life history of the city of Tambov in general and the values ​​of the indigenous population … The visit enabled us to understand how much in common Different civilizations. ”
According to Ojono Ojono Jean Stanislas, the University has excellent conditions for the training and leisure of foreign students. Especially the embassy secretary was impressed by sports facilities of Derzhavin University. Highly appreciating the material base of the university for training personnel in the field of physical culture and sports, the first secretary suggested sending Cameroonian youth for training in TGU in the direction of training “Physical Culture”.

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Cameroon invites investors and builders

Cameroon invites investors and builders

In the light of reforming the economic sector, Cameroonian authorities are actively attracting private investors (foreign and local) for the construction of housing, social, road, telecommunications infrastructure.

The scarcity of high-quality multifunctional real estate gives a big scope and prospects for cooperation in this sector, not only with the authorities, but also private investors in Cameroon.

Construction is already underway in the newly laid-out large residential quarter “Olimbe”. Under the project in this quarter hundreds of apartment houses, a stadium, several basketball and tennis courts, shops, hospitals, kindergartens and schools are provided.

Cameroonian, Chinese, and Brussels builders are working on the implementation of this project. The Cameroonian authorities have already approved the cost of apartments in the new quarter and open procedures for their sale.

Private Cameroonian construction companies also contribute to the solution of the housing problem. However, the number of private construction companies that build comfortable neighborhoods is not enough to meet the demand for comfortable residential areas. Well-equipped areas are not enough not only in large cities, but also in resort areas on the Atlantic coast.

The Russian Business Center is ready to assist and assist construction and investment companies wishing to master the Cameroonian real estate market, to find partners, to pick up and arrange land for the construction of residential and recreational areas.

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New Year’s greetings of the responsible secretary of the Government Commission for the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad, the Director of the Department for the Work with Compatriots Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, A. A. Makarov

New Year’s greetings of the responsible secretary

Government Commission on the Affairs of Compatriots Abroad,

Director of the Department for Work with Compatriots Abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation AA Makarov
Dear compatriots!

Let me cordially congratulate you on the upcoming 2014!

These days, each of you, following the tradition that has been going on since ancient times, remembers the past times. “Life to live is not a field to cross,” say the people. Happy times and difficulties sometimes alternate. A special feature of the Russian people is its great vitality, the ability to establish and equip their lives, despite the trials that have fallen. In our worldwide movement, the compatriots especially appreciate the line of consolidation, the desire to stand by any turns of fate shoulder to shoulder, uniting forces for the sake of a worthy present and a better future. Particular attention is paid to youth, in it we see our future, hope and support.

Believe me, every Russian is dear to us and close to the spirit, wherever he is in these December days. I wish you good health, prosperity, human happiness, fulfillment of the most secret desires in the New Year. Let there be peace and kindness in each family, warm a warm family home, and your children and grandchildren will have a bright future. On the eve of 2014, let us all remember our native Russia, our historic homeland. We wish her new significant achievements in her creative plans and undertakings.
Happy New Year!

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Traditionally, Russia celebrates the New Year two times – according to the old and new style, on January 1 and 13.

Traditionally, Russia celebrates the New Year two times – according to the old and new style, on January 1 and 13.
Russian Business Center in the period between these dates organized a New Year’s holiday for Russian-speaking children in Yaounde.
On the holiday, the children with the Snow Maiden were dancing around the Christmas tree, singing songs and dances to Grandfather Frost and, of course, receiving gifts.
A festive table with refreshments and games on a swing, carousels completed a good day in a good mood !!

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