Russian scientists invented a most unusual laser installation. It is specifically conceived for the surgery of soft and hard cloths. On These last, it is possible to carry teeth or bone tissue. This device can be used in dentistry. It means that it is from now on without bistouries; to cut your gums can be made with know-how. Pre-clinical trials showed that he is perfectly security. The developers perfected not only an apparatus, but also a new method of surgery in the laser, says the professor Igor MD Shugaylov:
"They used an entirely new, surgical called technology: thermo-optic surgery. The laser was used in that way to allow a surgical operation with little damage of ambient cloths. It thanks to the special aspect of the fibre of the end, which allows to support the desired temperature." This new technology allows a functioning with a big precision, a loss of trifling blood and without risk for the patient. Laser block does not leave scars and is efficient even in the treatment of diseases of gums.
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FIDE President visited Cameroon

Having a working tour around the Western Africa on February 19th the FIDE President visited Cameroon. In Yaoundé he met with the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Mr. Adoum Garoua. The Minister told about the sports development in Cameroon. According to him despite the fact that football is the most popular sport, all 48 sports federations are equally important. He added that there are various mind games in Cameroon that is why the Cameroonians are ready to accept the chess in vast masses. President Ilyumzhinov highly evaluated the activity of Cameroonian Chess Federation which was established a few years ago but actively promote chess, the merit goes to its President Mr. Michel Nguele Viang. In the presence of Russia's Ambassador to Cameroon Mr. Nikolai Ratsiborinskiy it was announced that three stipends can be allocated for the Cameroonians to have chances to study at the Russian State Academy of Physical Training.
Together with the FIDE Vice President Mr. Lewis Ncube and Mr. Nikolai Ratsiborinskiy, President Ilyumzhinov also visited Yaoundé chess club. He told about the main provisions in FIDE's activities, its objectives, answered to the numerous questions of the chess community. During the meeting it was suggested to consider the possibility of organizing the production of chess sets, taking into account the large amount of logging on Cameroonian territory. Then he visited the office of the Cameroonian NOC where he was welcomed by its officials and the General Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Abolo Biwole. FIDE representatives addressed to the Cameroonian NOC with the suggestion to support the idea of chess inclusion in the programme of Winter Olympic Games.
Later Kirsan Ilyumzhinov had a meeting in the Ministry of Primary Education. The main topic of discussion was the possibility of inclusion Cameroon in the CiS programme. FIDE President shared the positive moments of global experience in CiS programme implementation. The Ministry officials were excited about it and asked to provide them with the respective material on this topic and after that they will make a decision. During his working trip Ilyumzhinov gave an interview to CRTV channel and met with the Presidents of Mali, Togo, Gabon, Cameroon and CAR.
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The Russian researchers perfected a revolutionary material to treat burns thanks to which the wound closes up three times as quickly and does not leave scars. It is about a nano-membrane composed of nano-cloths on the basis of the chitosane produced by some chitin.
Material in question represents a very fine cloth into which the active remedial elements are introduced what speeds up the regeneration of cells. Such band is not taken away because it dissolved itself on the skin. The product was introduced and waits for its mass production.

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Russian Pavilion at Promote 2014

The exhibition Promout 2014visited the Russian companies: “Russian Buses – GAZ Group” and Trading House “Proplex”
“Russian buses” Company is a bus manufacturing business of the biggest Russian automotive holding “RusPromAuto”. “Russian buses” is engaged into manufacturing of all types of buses.

Trading House “Proplex” the first Russian developer and the largest manufacturer of PVC window systems.During the exhibition (from 06 to 14 December 2014) the company spent a lot of meetings and negotiations with potential partners and customers, received a clear vision of the market in Cameroon and appreciated the potential for cooperation.

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Russian billionaire Bogolyubov injected 36.9 billion CFA francs in the draft Mbalam iron

Russian billionaire Bogolyubov injected 36.9 billion CFA francs in the draft Mbalam iron
Sundance Resources, Australian mining junior, whose Cameroon subsidiary Cam Iron, the pilot project to develop the iron ore deposit-Mbalam Nabeba, torn between Cameroon and Congo, announced September 3, 2014, have entered into an investment agreement 36.9 billion CFA francs (40 million Australian dollars), with the American company Wafin Limited, owned by Russian billionaire Gennadiy Bogolyubov (photo).
According to Sundance Resources, the financial investment made ​​by Wafin Limited and will allow progress in the conduct of the project. It will be particularly told, to support the partner Mota Engil in mobilizing teams to work on the design and construction related to the project (railways Mbalam-ore terminal of Kribi Kribi port infrastructure; to recruit an expert to meet the demands of financial partners, including conducting environmental impact studies, to continue activities to prepare the site to house the mine in Congo and Cameroon.
After the purchase agreement for the production of the first 10 years agreement with Noble Resources, the designation of the Portuguese firm Mota Engil for the construction of infrastructure related to the project, the choice of obtaining research funding to the South African bank standard Bank, the investment agreement with Wafin Limited is a new milestone in the development of the most advanced mining project in Cameroon.
on the basis of:
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The visit of the representative of the Russian company in Yaoundé, March, 2015.

The visit of the representative of the Russian company in Yaoundé, March, 2015. The meeting of the representative of the Russian company with the assistant manager des Activités mining of Ministere des Mines, of industry and of Technological developpement
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Visit of the representative of the Russian company to Yaounde, March, 2015.

Visit of the representative of the Russian company to Yaounde, March, 2015. Business negotiations between representatives of business from Cameroon and Russia
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Russian Business Centre participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) – 2015

Between 18 to June 20, 2015 Russian Business Centre participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) – 2015.   SPIEF – the main annual economic summit of Russia, where we discuss the development of the world economy, as well as experience in solving urgent economic, political and social problems represent different regions of the Russian Federation and the countries of the world.
This year the forum gathered a few days the Heads of State and Government, political leaders, executives and managers of major Russian and international companies, leading experts of the international community, representatives of federal and regional authorities of the Russian authorities under the motto “Time to Act: joint efforts for stability and growth! “. The Forum is traditionally the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.
The forum was attended by the delegation of Russian business centers, the delegation included representatives from the Republic of Chad and Cameroon.
Important talks have been held with representatives of Russian companies and funds.
The delegation of Russian Business Centre took part in the plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which was addressed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the leaders of foreign states.
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70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945)

In the frameworks of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War (1941–1945) with the Russian Embassy support the University Yaounde-II showed the film “Ordinary fascism”. The Russian Ambassador Nikolay Ratsiborinskiy, the university’s Chancellor Oumarou Bouba, the Director of the Research Center of Political and Strategic Studies (CREPS) Joseph Vincent NTUDA EBODE, the President of the Russian Business Center Olga Gogolina assisted at the opening ceremony.
Professors and students listened to the Ambassador Nikolay Ratsiborinskiy delivering a speech on the history of fascism in view of recent events and taking into consideration the attempts of some countries and politicians to revise the results of the Second World War and the UN’s role as a main regulator in the international relations. Answering to the questions of the audience, he set out the Russian vision on an establishing multipolar system and deliberate policy of the Western countries to impose to the rest of world the unipolar order recipes.
After watching the film, the diplomats from the Russian Embassy participated in the discussions that took place in the CREPS’s hall.
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