Russian scientists invented a most unusual laser installation. It is specifically conceived for the surgery of soft and hard cloths. On These last, it is possible to carry teeth or bone tissue. This device can be used in dentistry. It means that it is from now on without bistouries; to cut your gums can be made with know-how. Pre-clinical trials showed that he is perfectly security. The developers perfected not only an apparatus, but also a new method of surgery in the laser, says the professor Igor MD Shugaylov:
"They used an entirely new, surgical called technology: thermo-optic surgery. The laser was used in that way to allow a surgical operation with little damage of ambient cloths. It thanks to the special aspect of the fibre of the end, which allows to support the desired temperature." This new technology allows a functioning with a big precision, a loss of trifling blood and without risk for the patient. Laser block does not leave scars and is efficient even in the treatment of diseases of gums.
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