FIDE President visited Cameroon

Having a working tour around the Western Africa on February 19th the FIDE President visited Cameroon. In Yaoundé he met with the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Mr. Adoum Garoua. The Minister told about the sports development in Cameroon. According to him despite the fact that football is the most popular sport, all 48 sports federations are equally important. He added that there are various mind games in Cameroon that is why the Cameroonians are ready to accept the chess in vast masses. President Ilyumzhinov highly evaluated the activity of Cameroonian Chess Federation which was established a few years ago but actively promote chess, the merit goes to its President Mr. Michel Nguele Viang. In the presence of Russia's Ambassador to Cameroon Mr. Nikolai Ratsiborinskiy it was announced that three stipends can be allocated for the Cameroonians to have chances to study at the Russian State Academy of Physical Training.
Together with the FIDE Vice President Mr. Lewis Ncube and Mr. Nikolai Ratsiborinskiy, President Ilyumzhinov also visited Yaoundé chess club. He told about the main provisions in FIDE's activities, its objectives, answered to the numerous questions of the chess community. During the meeting it was suggested to consider the possibility of organizing the production of chess sets, taking into account the large amount of logging on Cameroonian territory. Then he visited the office of the Cameroonian NOC where he was welcomed by its officials and the General Secretary Mr. Emmanuel Abolo Biwole. FIDE representatives addressed to the Cameroonian NOC with the suggestion to support the idea of chess inclusion in the programme of Winter Olympic Games.
Later Kirsan Ilyumzhinov had a meeting in the Ministry of Primary Education. The main topic of discussion was the possibility of inclusion Cameroon in the CiS programme. FIDE President shared the positive moments of global experience in CiS programme implementation. The Ministry officials were excited about it and asked to provide them with the respective material on this topic and after that they will make a decision. During his working trip Ilyumzhinov gave an interview to CRTV channel and met with the Presidents of Mali, Togo, Gabon, Cameroon and CAR.
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