RUSSIAN BUSINESS CENTRE is ready to offer the countries of the CEMAC products and services following Russia:
1.Complex and separate equipment for recycling of different origin . , Municipal , medical plastic electrical energy, thermal energy or biofuels. The proposed technology reduces the volume of solid to be landfilled waste to 95%.
2. Innovative technologies of remote exploration , mining ( underground water sources , gas, oil, rare earth metals and other minerals ) and compilation of geological maps.
3. Innovative Technology for the production of monolithic porous concrete a porous concrete with high resistance to single monolithic construction . This concrete is multiplied by 2 volume and allows the design of the building offers a form and complexity. Offered for sale a part of the patent for the invention of concrete.
4. Off road cars with outstanding mechanical properties and reliable capacity. The main advantages of cars from Russia are confident permeability of any road, powerful motor , control panel optimized and spacious cabin that can easily transform a passenger in the truck, freeing up extra space for making furniture, appliances or other large items. The proposed Russian cars are equipped with two fuel tanks and two mouths taking fuel ( 43.5 liters each), allowing you to drive to the gas station on each side.
5. Medical equipment and medicines.
6. Small factories and mobile hospitals for the production of canned fish, meats and semi -finished products of different capacities .
7. Food: canned fish in tomato sauce, condensed milk, mustard and others.
There are comprehensive lists of proposals from Russia.
Russian companies are in turn ready to buy: cocoa beans, corn kernels that make popcorn, coffee, fruits, soy and beans, rutile and ilmenite concentrate, manganese metal, silicon metal, wood of different breeds.
RUSSIAN BUSINESS CENTRE ( ) calls for the cooperation of representatives of companies in the CEMAC zone, ready to ensure a comfortable environment for negotiation and provide a reliable platform, convenient for fruitful cooperation with Russian companies, reduce linguistic and administrative obstacles.
Contact with RUSSIAN BUSINESS CENTRE by email to the following email address: or by phone : (+237) 22 66 56 16 .

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