Representative of the Embassy of Cameroon visited Tambov State University

In June 2013, Tambov State University was visited by the first secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Moscow, Mr. Ojono Ojono Jean Stanislas. During his visit, Mr. Stanislas met with the first pro-rector-pro-rector for educational policy, Professor Vladimir Mamontov, and vice-rector for international relations and work with foreign students, Professor Tatyana Osadchy. The meeting discussed the issues of teaching citizens of Cameroon in the Tambov State University, the cooperation of TSU named after GR. Derzhavin with universities of the Republic of Cameroon, the interaction between our University and the Embassy of Cameroon in the implementation of programs in the fields of education, science and culture. During the discussion, it was decided to establish contacts with higher educational institutions in Cameroon and conclude a cooperation agreement with them.
Mr. Stanislas visited one of the hostels, where foreign students live, talked with young people from Cameroon. A guest visited the museum of TSU, where he got acquainted with the history of Tambov State University, numerous collections and a new exhibition “The Magic World of Beresta”. His special interest was caused by the “Peasant Family – Peasant Peace” hall, which introduced the traditional way of life of the Tambov peasantry. Mr. Stanislas noted some similar elements of the traditional way of life in Russia and Cameroon and in the guest book left the following comment: “It was a real pleasure to visit this museum full of life history of the city of Tambov in general and the values ​​of the indigenous population … The visit enabled us to understand how much in common Different civilizations. ”
According to Ojono Ojono Jean Stanislas, the University has excellent conditions for the training and leisure of foreign students. Especially the embassy secretary was impressed by sports facilities of Derzhavin University. Highly appreciating the material base of the university for training personnel in the field of physical culture and sports, the first secretary suggested sending Cameroonian youth for training in TGU in the direction of training “Physical Culture”.

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