Cameroon invites investors and builders

Cameroon invites investors and builders

In the light of reforming the economic sector, Cameroonian authorities are actively attracting private investors (foreign and local) for the construction of housing, social, road, telecommunications infrastructure.

The scarcity of high-quality multifunctional real estate gives a big scope and prospects for cooperation in this sector, not only with the authorities, but also private investors in Cameroon.

Construction is already underway in the newly laid-out large residential quarter “Olimbe”. Under the project in this quarter hundreds of apartment houses, a stadium, several basketball and tennis courts, shops, hospitals, kindergartens and schools are provided.

Cameroonian, Chinese, and Brussels builders are working on the implementation of this project. The Cameroonian authorities have already approved the cost of apartments in the new quarter and open procedures for their sale.

Private Cameroonian construction companies also contribute to the solution of the housing problem. However, the number of private construction companies that build comfortable neighborhoods is not enough to meet the demand for comfortable residential areas. Well-equipped areas are not enough not only in large cities, but also in resort areas on the Atlantic coast.

The Russian Business Center is ready to assist and assist construction and investment companies wishing to master the Cameroonian real estate market, to find partners, to pick up and arrange land for the construction of residential and recreational areas.

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